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Surgical Risk

caresyntax® is a technology and services platform
that helps hospitals reduce surgical risk and improve outcomes

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Tools to make surgery smarter and safer

caresyntax® supports clinicians, quality managers, and hospital executives with actionable surgical data, through a combination of IoT and data analytics technologies

Data-Driven OR Integration
Caresyntax connects to devices in your OR, then combines point-of-care data with EHR and HIS data into a unified content management interface
Surgical Data Workspace
Caresyntax data workspace unites disparate sources of clinical data, giving providers a holistic and analytic view into surgical quality and performance
Risk and Quality Management
Use the caresyntax' dashboard to identify root causes of poor outcomes, target efficiency traps, and provide enhanced data-driven training

Smarter surgery saves money

Using caresyntax solutions, providers reduce costs through workflow enhancement, resource management, and reduced risk

Average time saved per procedure

5.4 Minutes

Average rate of complication

Down 10%

Potential annual cost savings*



*estimate based on surgical center with one OR at 80% utilization, operating 8 cases/day, with 50 minute avg. time/case, and $3,150 avg. DRG/procedure. Overall reduction in rate of complication may further impact cost savings in your clinic.  

Over 6,000 ORs worldwide

Leading hospitals around the globe rely on caresyntax to help conduct safer and more efficient surgeries every day

<strong>Surgical Risk</strong><br>is mission-critical

Surgical Risk
is mission-critical

ORs represent up to 50% of all hospital revenue, and 1 out of every 7 patients experiences complications that can lead to readmission.

caresyntax® provides clinicians and executives with the data and tools to identify and understand deviations from established benchmark ranges, in order to reduce risk, and save their clinics valuable time and financial resources.