A Focus on
Operational Efficiency

With Caresyntax Supporting Your Operational Performance, You Can Streamline Workflows and Optimize Staffing to Improve Utilization and Throughput

Caresyntax provides integrated data, workflow, and analysis tools that make it easy to identify efficiency improvement opportunities in and around your OR.

Increase Throughput and Reduce Case Delays

We take the hard work out of running your ORs with workflow and analytics tools. Continuously unify and analyze data from across your enterprise to increase perioperative efficiency and make it easier for surgeons to perform procedures at your hospital.

  1. Ability to identify variability in throughput and opportunities for improvement by slicing and dicing the data based on surgical unit, procedure type, case characteristics, OR, or surgical team member
  2. Investigate variable cases by double-clicking into the High-Fidelity Surgical RecordTM and reviewing OR room video that can illustrate turnover times, instrument exchanges, staff leaving the room
  3. Enable experts to provide over the shoulder procedure support, case preparation and turnover time support with remote telepresence in the OR
  4. Respond to backlogs and fluctuations in elective surgery volume. Hospitals that used Caresyntax completed 16% more surgeries than those who didn’t

Improve Operating Room Utilization

Optimize one of the most expensive capital assets in the hospital, your Operating Rooms. Increase utilization with operational decision support tools. Insights based on data from your EHR, Inventory and Financial systems helps your team improve scheduling practices, optimize throughput, and identify cost-savings.

Through the platform, you can:
  • Ensure that any available Block Time can be easily scheduled and utilized with the Caresyntax Block Marketplace
  • Provide actionable data for Block Committees at hospitals to make fact based decisions on assigning Blocks based on actual utilization numbers adjusted for turnovers and procedure types
  • Decrease unutilized OR time and optimize block scheduling with Evidence Based, out of the box KPIs for various types of utilization metrics including Block Utilization, Block Allocation, Raw and Adjusted Utilization
  • Gain context for your OR KPIs by comparing against other organizations. The Caresyntax database includes: 
    • 10 million+ surgical cases
    • 50,000+ surgeons

Enhance Team Dynamics and Staff Training

Surgery is a team sport. Caresyntax enables perioperative leaders to ensure that the right OR staff team with the right training is available for all your cases. Caresyntax equips you with the data you need to create more efficient workflows and drive smarter resource allocation.

With Caresyntax, you can:
  • Base staffing on empirical evidence to reduce delays and idle time, and increase surgeries with novel KPIs like Concurrent Utilization
  • Improve team dynamics and NOTSS (Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons) using OR room video and video-based assessments around situational awareness and teamwork 
  • Enable OR staff to prepare for cases based on surgeons’ preferences and best practices that are captured with checklists and annotated video
  • Provide data-driven feedback to your surgical team
With Caresyntax, you can meet your financial, clinical, and operational goals.
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Advancing Operational Goals for Providers, Surgeons, and Insurers & Risk Managers

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