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St. George’s success with caresyntax demonstrates our capability to help hospitals meet and overcome the complex technical and administrative bottlenecks in the OR through integrative and analytical software solutions. Working with St. George’s IT team and the Head of Anesthesiology, caresyntax quickly addressed the challenges their team was facing through a series of innovative solutions:

  • Eliminate administrative burden on OR staff by auto-populating required information in post-operative reports
  • Integration of Cerner EMR information with long-term archived surgical images and information on qvident‘s streamlined platform
  • Enable and optimize OR workflow through further digitization and automation of post-operative protocol
About St. George Hospital
  • The hospital has approximately 600 beds and employs over 2,500 staff members
  • Boasts the title as one of the largest medical centers in Sydney
  • Eight fully-integrated ORs, all featuring full SAAS deployment for over 7 years
  • Sophisticated integrative solution using video-over-IP deployment
  • Rack deployment with a 24“ external touch-screen display minimizing space used in the OR
  • Utilizes PRIME365 solution to enable audio management, streaming and videoconferencing
  • Advanced integration with Cerner EMR
  • Over 7 years of successfully using qvident to facilitate long-term archiving and content management
  • TELEPORT monitor to allow videoconferencing in non-integrated OR