A Focus on
Improving Patient Outcomes

With Caresyntax supporting your clinical performance, you can improve quality of care and patient safety.

Caresyntax provides integrated data, workflow, and analysis tools to drive better patient outcomes, satisfaction, and safety.

Support Surgical Decision Making for Precision Medicine

Personalize surgeries to patient specific variations with Caresyntax. Practicing surgeons can continuously improve their surgical decision making to identify the appropriate surgical approach based on their evolving practice. The Caresyntax solution allows storing both subjective and objective components of the surgical workflow and personalizing their workflows for individual patients:

  1. Enable surgeons to identify variability, investigate their cases, implement change and monitor their cases
  2. Using checklists for codifying surgeons’ best practices and preferences
  3. Estimate risk of postoperative complications using patient’s preoperative data
  4. Apply bookmarks and annotations on surgical video to showcase surgeon preferences and illustrate their preferred approach

Increase Patient Safety and Satisfaction

Happy patients returning to their normal function is the best sign of a successful practice. Enable your clinical teams to improve patient satisfaction, outcomes and safety by first integrating data from various Hospital Information Systems and PROM/PREM tools of the hospital’s choice, and then providing key insights - Insights that can be reviewed in less than two minutes by busy clinicians.

With our platform, you can:
  • Track outcomes like Surgical Site Infections, Length of Hospital Stay, Surgical Site Infections, Recovery Time etc to increase patient safety and reduce surgical complications
  • Integrate with appropriate PROM/PREM tools to track Patient Experience and Satisfaction
  • Analyze everything down to non-technical and teamwork skills with synchronized video and case data
  • Evaluate and mitigate areas of high risk with appropriate decision support tools

Enhance Surgical Technique and Pathways

Busy clinical teams are finding it harder and harder to keep track of rapidly evolving surgical techniques and evidence. Caresyntax enables surgeons to continuously enhance surgical technique regardless of their years of experience. Our vendor-neutral solution unifies Video and Big Data to create a High-Fidelity Surgical Record™ for analyzing specific phases of the procedure.

Through the platform, surgeons can:
  • Analyze performance and outcomes with synchronized Operating Room video, Endoscope or Exoscope video, case data, and customizable metrics
  • Consult with experts in real time in the OR with telepresence and enable higher degree of collaboration
  • Apply bookmarks and annotations on surgical video to focus analysis on key surgical phases
  • Leverage standardized technical skill frameworks like OSATS, GOALS, GEARS
With Caresyntax, you can meet your financial, clinical, and operational goals.
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Advancing Clinical Goals for Surgeons, Providers, and Insurers & Risk Managers

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