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About caresyntax

Reducing surgical variability and improving patient outcomes
through data-driven integration and performance management tools

Surgical excellence:
powered by actionable data

At caresyntax®, our core mission is to bridge the variability gap of processes and outcomes in surgery and interventional radiology. We raise the surgical performance bar by empowering clinicians with actionable, enterprise-level data analytics to:

  • identify deviations from benchmarks in processes and outcomes
  • address workflow efficiency bottlenecks
  • facilitate root-cause analysis to discover key drivers of variability
  • drive technology-enabled organizational and learning initiatives

our investors

Our investors share our passion for enhancing healthcare with technology, and have in common a track record of building successful companies to accomplish that goal. They've provided us the resources to build a long-term foundation for our company and we're excited to partner with them on our journey.

Surgical Intelligence

Surgical Intelligence ( is a specialist company builder focusing on connected healthcare technologies in surgery and acute care environments.

Surgical Intelligence invests and actively builds emerging digital health leaders, helping healthcare providers and payers detect and reduce variability of cost and clinical outcomes. The vision is to work with leading innovators to create intelligent and autonomous systems that draw on the power of surgical and clinical data to stratify patient risk and limit resource waste in real-time.

Norgine Ventures

Norgine Ventures is backed by Norgine, a fully integrated, private, European healthcare company with over 110 years of experience in the pharma space. To date, Norgine Ventures has invested in a number of businesses, including specialty pharma, diagnostic and medical device companies, at various stages of their life cycle, both in Europe and in the US.