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Using voice and gesture control, surgical documentation and workflow are streamlined and automated

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Using a single, unified interface, the surgical team is able to control a wide spectrum of surgical devices through voice and gesture control. Using verbal cues, surgeons are able to report and document crucial points during the surgery. This level of control enables easier and faster reporting, saving precious time.

CX-REACH provides the surgical team with touchfree control over connected devices, utilizing a combination of voice and gesture commands.

With qCapture voice documentation technology, automate the reporting of key clinical events simply by speaking the name of the event as it occurs during the operation.


  • Voice Control includes a Plantronics wireless headset, with precision-tuned triple mics
  • Available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian
  • Configurable with qCapture voice documentation technology, to detect voice commands in the OR and embed procedural timestamps accordingly
  • Gesture Control band on forearms uses EMG sensors to detect movements
  • Intelligent webcam
  • 3 sensors in display console detect movements by surgeon to help navigate through procedural dashboards, image review, video routing, and more

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