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Berlin, Germany — Caresyntax, a surgical technology and services company, recently hosted a live video-conference of a minimally-invasive urological procedure between their European headquarters in Berlin, Germany and the Adana Integrated Health Campus in Adana, Turkey. Using its mobile videoconferencing unit, Teleport, caresyntax established the virtual bridge with urological surgeon Dr. Nevzat Can Şener, and streamed the case live from the operating room. Over a secure connection, Dr. Şener shared the high-definition video – first, captured by a Da Vinci surgical robot during the procedure, then streamed in real-time with zero latency.

“The need for videoconferencing is increasing as robotic surgery becomes more widespread,” commented Şener; “especially for training students and sharing best practices with worldwide experts.”

Such a solution suggests that the “future of surgery” may already be here: with caresyntax suite of IoT solutions, surgeons can communicate with anyone during a procedure – even outside the hospital – and can receive guidance, share, and annotate surgical content (notations or indicators on a surgical video, for instance). The advent of telemedicine technology was a direct response to the problem of poor-access to specialized care in rural areas, but it also proves extremely useful in the case of robotic surgery, which requires extensive training and onboarding in order for surgeons and surgical teams to most efectively use the robots and optimize clinical outcomes.

The Berlin-Adana session was facilitated by Volkan Sülü, the responsible biomedical engineer with Rönesans Management Services Consultancy Co. Inc, the firm which negotiated the partnership with caresyntax and Adana. “I was impressed by how easy the solution was set-up,” said Sülü; “we only had to bring the Teleport in the room, plug it in, and that was it.”

Adana Integrated Health Campus has 1.550 bed capacity and it is a leading Public-Private-Partnership hospital which serves Adana, Hatay, and Osmaniye provinces, and was developed by Rönesans Holding. As one of the top-performing and largest institutions in the country, it includes advanced technology in each of its operating rooms, much of which is supplied by caresyntax. Björn von Siemens, managing director of caresyntax, commented on the partnership: “We are proud to have participated in such an ambitious project as the Adana Integrated Health Campus which positions Turkey at the forefront of digital surgery worldwide.”

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