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Pilot program will evaluate ways to enhance the process for board certification.

Boston (April 12, 2021) – Caresyntax, a company dedicated to making surgery smarter and safer by delivering actionable insights with its enterprise-grade digital surgery platform, announced today that it has been selected by the American Board of Surgery (ABS) as one of three partners to provide a platform for its video-based assessment pilot program.

Caresyntax’s platform analyzes large volumes of video, audio, images, device data, clinical and operational data in and around the OR, and conveniently delivers real-world evidence that can be used immediately by the care team as well as other critical stakeholders including patient safety and operations. This capability to manage, review, and improve from surgical data will help ABS investigate the use of video-based assessment as a potential option to enhance the Continuous Certification Program for board certified surgeons.

“The ABS is very pleased to announce this pilot,” said ABS Chair Dr. John D. Mellinger. “VBA has been increasingly attested in our literature as a potentially scalable way to assess surgical technical skill and its correlation with patient outcomes. The pilot will allow us to begin to explore the feasibility of VBA as a vehicle for formative skill assessment and improvement for the practicing surgeon. Other potential downstream outcomes include establishing a foundation for coaching and aspiration to mastery strategies as a component of professional culture.”

Through the pilot program, at least 100 surgeons will upload videos from operations they perform, and these videos will be reviewed by fellow surgeons. This cloud-based surgical quality monitoring will allow colleagues to conveniently provide both quantitative and qualitative formative feedback during the peer-review process.

Caresyntax was selected for its ability to generate assessment reports for surgeons that include video snapshots along with coaching comments, and a list of scores. Surgeons who are reviewed can click on their video footage and review it directly from the report. Additionally, Caresyntax offers real-time notification to both the surgeon who performed a procedure and the surgeon who will review it once the procedure video is ready for assessment.

“No other medical specialty boards currently require video-based assessment, but incorporating video assessments with other key data points is the best way to ensure that surgeons refine, improve, and maintain the skills needed to make surgery smarter and safer,” said Dennis Kogan, Caresyntax founder and CEO. “We applaud the American Board of Surgery for its leadership in incorporating the latest technology to better assess providers’ qualifications.”

“Part of the power of our platform is not just the ability to capture team and procedural videos, but also to marry it to patient outcomes,” said Dr. Michael Woods, a board certified surgeon and the Chief Medical Officer of Caresyntax. “The system was designed from the ground up to manage all aspect of surgical care.”

The pilot program will begin in June 2021 and conclude by the end of the calendar year. This collaboration will assess the feasibility of full implementation in the future.

About Caresyntax

Caresyntax is on a mission to make surgery smarter and safer. Our enterprise-grade digital surgery platform delivers actionable insights to improve patient outcomes by using proprietary software and AI to analyze large volumes of video, audio, images, device data, clinical and operational data in and around the OR. This real world evidence can be used by the care team live, during a procedure and accessed by those outside the operating room via the platform’s dedicated telehealth link. After a procedure, the Caresyntax platform provides insights that help: surgeons benchmark and improve their care, hospital administrators use surgical resources more efficiently, medical device companies advance better products, and insurance companies understand risk and devise more tailored policies. Headquartered in Boston, Caresyntax software is used in more than 4,000 operating rooms worldwide and supports surgical teams in over two million procedures per year. For more information, visit us at