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SurgeOS: the platform for surgery

Built for OR and hospital IT environments, SurgeOS is a comprehensive operating infrastructure for end-to-end management of surgical quality, safety, and efficiency.

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Power the tools for surgical excellence

SurgeOS is a unified IoT, data warehouse, and cloud services platform, providing the connectivity, data structuring, and app-based framework to power improvement across the entire surgical value chain.

SurgeOS applications and modules

Flexible, scaleable, and secure, SurgeOS applications and modules support the full-spectrum of use cases within the surgical ecosystem: clinical quality, performance analytics, patient safety, OR automation, population health, and more.

Enhance Surgical Quality and Safety

qvident® surgical data workspace

A powerful, app-based dashboard for managing, editing, and analyzing surgical content, qvident® provides both the secure architecture and flexibility to support a wide-range of surgical quality and safety enhancement use cases.

Automate the Surgical Ecosystem

Prime365 OR Automation Suite

A modular OR connectivity and automation suite, PRIME365 enhances the full perioperative workflow with tools to boost safety and efficiency, from the induction of anesthesia to post-operative care, customizable by hospital, region, and language.

Develop Data-driven Surgical Apps

Surge API Backend as a Service

Surge API BaaS is a complete backend offering surgical data warehouse, IoT connectivity, cloud services, and support for user authentication, file storage, data persistence, and customized functions. Increased flexibility, scalability and reliability for building your own application, on top of unparalleled surgical data.

Surgical Population Health Management

Collaborate to Improve Surgical Outcomes

caresyntax surgical population health management

SurgeOS enables the secure collection and warehousing of surgical data for both providers and health improvement organizations seeking to collaborate in improving clinical outcomes for patients and larger healthcare systems. Collaborate and leverage your surgical data - safely and securely - to reach higher standards of quality and safety.

Powerful, Interoperable, and Secure

Designed for flexibility and scale, SurgeOS can be deployed in any healthcare environment

Intuitive app-based dashboards

Intuitive app-based dashboards
  • API follows HATEOAS principles supporting human-readability and easy machine integration
  • Designed with front-end in mind: a resource-oriented design for use in conjunction with other web applications.

Safe and Secure

Safe and Secure
  • Fully-encrypted web services based on HTTPS protocol
  • RESTful web services with versioning and managed updates. API can evolve without breaking backward compatibility
  • Advanced licensing options and user-level access to data

Flexible and Interoperable

Flexible and Interoperable
  • Interfaces with 3rd party hospital systems. Provides adaption and mitigation strategies to realize interconnectivity (HL7, DICOM)
  • Tight integration to data collected by caresyntax PRIME365 IoT modules and qvident® data warehouse

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