The world’s foremost data-driven OR integration solution

why data-driven integration?

By capturing the full-spectrum of perioperative information from inside the OR, a data-driven integration provides the necessary visibility to achieve heightened workflow efficiency and enterprise-level analytics.

PRIME365 provides a flexible and vendor-neutral integration solution, capable of aggregating surgical data from multiple sources including 4k imagery, and harnessing it on a single IP infrastructure to drive global improvement.

  • Integrate your OR or procedure room for use cases ranging from minimally-invasive procedures to open and robotic surgery
  • Connect to devices, video and audio sources from any manufacturer to visualize clinical events in real-time
Centralize and Structure
  • Document clinical events by recording and structuring point-of-care data, including video, audio, images, checklists, and patient vitals
  • Centralize documentation and enable ease of access to patient context with full HIS, EHR, and PACS connectivity
  • Automate workflow processes to reduce error and increase team efficiency
  • Optimize workflow and surgical quality with a leaner, more intuitive interface, deployed to meet the requirements of your clinical environment


A unified, end-to-end integration platform, that aggregates key surgical content, including video, audio, patient vitals, procedural timestamps, safety checklists, and more.

Using PRIME365, clinicians can visualize and communicate surgical information seamlessly, automate workflow components, and drive enhanced patient care.

Connectivity. Visibility. Control.

PRIME365 solves the most challenging connectivity problems in surgical and procedural application and administration. It is a flexible, highly efficient, integration platform that promotes a unified network of data and devices, which benefit key stakeholders hospital-wide

IT Infrastructure
  • Maintain cohesion with enterprise architecture, workflow and support
  • Consolidate disparate tools and systems around one vendor-neutral data aggregator
  • Enable data collection to drive sophisticated surgical and procedural analytics
  • Reduce process burden with productivity tools and ergonomics to shift focus onto quality and lower risk of clinician burnout
  • Facilitate automated and easier-to-maintain patient safety processes, simplified documentation, and enhanced communication across clinical team
Cost and Reimbursement
  • Optimize OR efficiency, safety, and transparency to succeed in the value-based healthcare ecosystem
  • Facilitate collection and reporting of key quality measures required for reimbursement and quality audits (e.g. MACRA/MIPS/APM, UK CQC, UK PHIN)
D2 Console
D1 Console
Mobile Unit

deployment options

PRIME365 hardware options deploy into your OR with zero-footprint and minimal cabling. Our hardware is installed apart from the clinical floor space, and can be retrofitted to an existing OR architecture with minimal downtime. We offer the following deployment options:

  • custom-built in or on-wall console
  • telemedicine-enabled mobile unit
  • enterprise-level hardware rack
  • Full HD medical panel PC

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