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caresyntax® technology is designed to address the full complexity of surgery. Today we're helping clinicians, quality managers, and hospital executives to reduce risk, and improve surgical quality and efficiency.

<strong>q</strong>vident®<br> surgical data workspace

surgical data workspace

qvident is a web-based surgical risk and quality management tool, designed to eliminate the "black box" of surgical visibility.

A dynamic surgical data warehouse, qvident provides medical professionals with a comprehensive workspace for managing and leveraging surgical content to identify and reduce risk, improve quality, and facilitate data-enabled training.

<strong>PRIME</strong>365<br> data-driven OR integration

data-driven OR integration

A data-driven integration provides the connectivity and data visibility to achieve heightened workflow efficiency and enterprise-level analytics.

PRIME365 is a flexible and vendor-neutral integration solution, capable of aggregating multiple sources of surgical data, including 4K imagery, and harnessing it on a single IP infrastructure to drive global improvements.