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to support surgical leaders as they ramp up elective surgeries

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About the RESTART Playbook

We’ve taken a look at all the tools out there, talked to our customers and come up with what we think is a RESTART Playbook that you’ll be eager to share with your stakeholders. Some popular tools make bad assumptions about your backlog, your ability to expand capacity and key factors that may slow down your ramp up.

The RESTART Playbook cuts through all the noise to provide a practical, evidence-based set of plans to get back to speed safely, effectively and efficiently. The RESTART Playbook is designed to take your basic information and use our advanced analytics and benchmarking database to produce a customized plan of action specifically for your facility.

The more data you provide, the more we can crunch to provide a powerful, detailed plan of action to guide you and your administration’s decision-making process.

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