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Pulling together disparate data feeds to display video and images in a simple, safe, and ergonomic dashboard

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CX-Direct is a customizable, vendor-neutral routing module allowing all OR video, imaging, and data feeds to be centrally controlled and displayed. Rather than having information scattered on screens around the OR, CX-DIRECT pulls together the data streams to place them in a single location, allowing doctors to better focus their attention on the patient.

+ Central routing of integrated video and medical imaging to multiple displays in the OR

+ Compatible with standard HD up to 4k transmission

+ Control integrated devices (Surgical lights, camera settings, etc)

+ Default routing presets or customized presets available

State-of-the-art deployment

Future-ready solution for full integration

When planning an integrated operating room, networking various devices with one another is important. In most cases, this requires bringing together different signal types and selecting the appropriate transmission medium.

+Multi-port Enabled. Each video, audio, control, power, and data-input device has a different port depending on transmission type and can be fitted with additional hardware (scalers, converters, etc.) as needed.
+ zero-footprint
+ budget-friendly
+ more space efficient
+ scalable

New Connection Technology - True “Plug and Play” Experience

Universal/Single Plug

Allows user to seamlessly connect all portable and fixed equipment in the OR with a single universal connection. This eliminates the confusion between different signal types and ports for each device. In addition, it unifies multiple cables into single cable.

+ Future-Ready solution for full integration
+ Cost-effective + Scalable + Live preview of connected sources
+ Only active sources displayed

Key Features

Auto-Discovery – Devices are discovered by the intelligent platform within 5 seconds of connecting

Device recognition – Connected devices are recognized and labeled on the interface accordingly

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