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Enable easier and faster access to hospital IT and 3rd party applications through secure and automatic login

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CX-3RD PARTY securely and automatically logs in to 3rd party software systems (e.g. listening apps, PACS/DICOM viewer). The integrated applications are then displayed centrally within the PRIME365 interface.

Most applications require patient context input to retrieve or store data, thus introducing further clicks, time loss and potential mistakes.

Conventional systems

Each application must be individually called up and opened. Then staff must search and access relevant patient information. This process is repeated for the various data sources and are not centrally displayed.

• 26 clicks
• 6 / 7 mins

Save time with CX-3RD PARTY

Access and launch hospital and 3rd party software through a single portal. For applications relevant to patient data, CX-3RD PARTY automatically pulls up the patient information.

Increase patient safety and reduce burden on medical staff.

• 5 clicks
• 3 mins

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