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S-CAPE GmbH, a world leader in perioperative workflow integration and optimization, was featured as a “company to watch” at a recent Parliamentary Forum sponsored by the Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. Bjoern von Siemens, Owner and Managing Director, was invited to speak on the evening’s panel as representative of S-CAPE, one of Berlin’s fastest-growing and most innovative healthcare IT companies. In attendance were representatives of the national and regional parliament, business agencies, and government officials.

S-CAPE was recognized for its caresyntax© suite of IoT integrations and data analytic solutions, which, when deployed in the perioperative setting, provide OR teams with the data visibility to establish global KPIs and benchmarks, and the workflow integrations to enhance surgical performance, paving the way to decreased variability of cost and improved patient care. Using caresyntax©, OR teams can review surgical episodes, rate and respond to performances, and improve clinical decision-making and training protocols.

Heightened interest in healthcare tech companies like S-CAPE comes at a time of necessity. With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analytics in healthcare—along with rapidly-shifting reimbursement models—hospital administrators and their surgical teams find themselves in a challenging position. While they need to show that they have invested in the latest technologies, they also need to ensure that their investments will provide value. A key component of that value is how the hospital benchmarks performance in its OR, which is where the caresyntax© platform comes into play. In addition to the impact of improved patient outcomes and reduced cost, benchmarking allows the hospital to gauge its OR performance against other network providers and to set targets that help drive progress.

S-CAPE and caresyntax© technologies have already enhanced performance in more than 6,000 operating theatres worldwide, and currently support over 10 million surgical procedures per year. To learn more about S-CAPE and caresyntax© solutions, visit: and