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Medtech firm S·CAPE® to unveil Internet of Medical Things (IoT)solutions at MEDICA 2016

This year again, Berlin medtech company S·CAPE® exhibits at Medica, the world’s leading trade fair for the medical industry. In booth A20 (hall 10), visitors will experience a perioperative workflow simulation in a full replica of the hospital environment from patient admission through the O.R. to the recovery room. In each station, S·CAPE® will demonstrate how its latest integration solutions transform the therapy workflow and automate processes to deliver better care.

Increased mobility with Web-Based Documentation

The web-based CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE is a centerpiece of this year show. New functionalities increase the mobility of teams further. It integrates with endoscopic documentation systems to centralize data acquisition. Procedure documentation can be enhanced with comments and hashtags. Videos can be cut and time markers allow to access key episodes quickly. All the edited documentation is then exported directly to hospital systems. Nurses fill out safety checklists directly from the web browser of any device. Checklists are synchronized throughout the entire procedural workflow.

IoT integration and Pre-event recording

As S·CAPE® celebrates its 25th anniversary, it unveils cutting-edge Internet of Medical Things solutions. Going beyond the integration of imaging medical devices, for the first time S·CAPE® accesses patient data from vital monitors, ventilators and pulse oximeters of renowned vendors. The acquired data is available on a web-based platform.

The acclaimed caresyntax® video management solutions are also proudly on show. S·CAPE® introduces the exclusive pre-event recording that automatically buffers up to 10 minutes of video before the start of recording. S·CAPE® makes its universal plug solutions available for smaller scale video management systems to provide a seamless “plug-and-play” experience throughout its entire product portfolio. Furthermore, O.R. and ICU teams access real-time operating and procedure room status with a video and information monitoring dashboard.

Finally, a special highlight will be shed on the renowned MULTICONSOLE as it experiences a full revamp. Nurses and surgeons review key room information in the glimpse of an eye with the Smart Bar which shows date, time, temperature, room humidity and stopwatch. Smart Buttons complement the user-centric design. They adapt to different functions such as documentation, video management, streaming and peripheral controls.

About S·CAPE®

Founded in 1991 in Germany, S·CAPE ® GmbH has a long and esteemed track record of solving the digital integration needs of the world’s most reputable medical facilities. By specializing in making operating theatres and other acute care areas more efficient, we have excelled in our field. We are frontrunners in medical technology, proud of the experience and technical expertise which make us the reliable partners of more than 1,000 hospitals worldwide.

For further information, please contact:
Marie Loubiere
Head of Marketing and Product Management
Tel: +49 (0) 30 7130297-0