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Key Projects in Turkey and India

S·CAPE continues rapid growth in Asia by securing key projects in major markets, such as India and Turkey. This is consolidated further by the opening of a Singapore office, with another planned in Shanghai for the future.

S·CAPE has expanded, supplying growing demand for cutting-edge digital O.R and procedure workflow solutions in the new markets of Asia. This will be coordinated by the recently opened Singapore and soon-to-be inaugurated Shanghai offices, which the firm has established as a base of operations in China and the broader Asia Pacific region.

200 O.R.s in Western Asia

The company is to equip over 200 operating rooms in several large PPP hospitals in Western Asia, currently under development. One project in Ankara for example, when completed, will be one of the largest and most technologically advanced hospital systems in the world, with a focus on the newest integration solutions, connectivity and workflow automation.

MEDICALL Trade Fair in Chennai, India

The firm has successfully completed several projects in India, where the last six months have led to acquisition of key private and public sector customers in leading cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune. Currently, caresyntax® solutions have been integrated into over thirty operating rooms in the country, and the company’s presence at the upcoming MEDICALL trade fair in Chennai represents the next step in familiarizing Indian clinicians in the region with the numerous benefits of caresyntax® medical device integration and telemedicine solutions.