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Berlin-based healthcare technology platform firm caresyntax® by S·CAPE® exhibits in its hometown at conhIT on booth D-112 (hall 3.2). The firm showcases how its technology solutions increase both efficiency and quality in operating rooms. caresyntax® goes beyond conventional operating room integration with advanced analytics and Internet of Medical Things tools for all stakeholders of the O.R.

Today caresyntax® launches in Europe its Software as a Service (SaaS) suite, that expands the capabilities of its existing O.R. integration solutions. Each application is web-based and thus accessible from any device. It is available on a robust IT infrastructure either on premise or on an HIPAA-compliant cloud (also compliant with local European regulations). Each module can be purchased with a subscription business model including installation and maintenance to minimize upfront investment. The suite runs on top of various hardware acquisition solutions (including from 3rd party documentation vendors), and caresyntax® data acquisition platform.

Two main determinants drive the variability of the O.R. suite performance: workflow efficiency (throughput of patients) and clinical performance (outcome of surgery).These determinants remain a “black box” as the data is scattered around mainly different systems (HIS, medical devices, human interactions…).The true outcome of the surgery is only available long after the procedure (e.g., when patient is readmitted). Hospitals lack fact-based tools to assess the performance of both the O.R. suite and the staff and they are left with perceptions instead of measurements. The SAAS suite aims to offer the right tools to create transparency, identify variability drivers and act on them.

First, the SaaS suite shows discrepancies in the perioperative workflow through basic comparative analytics with its analytics dashboard module CX·IQ that interprets unparalleled combinations of data points from medical devices, sensors, and clinical reports. Then, the suite identifies drivers of variability through comprehensive clinical review of the “O.R. black box”, and assign ratings to the each procedure allowing risk stratification and customized recovery pathway near real-time in CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE. Finally, the suite helps implement corrective actions in combination with the caresyntax O.R. integration solutions such as dynamic scheduling through CX·LIVE and advanced telemedicine with CX·SHARE.

caresyntax® also unveils innovative hardware solutions that ease collaboration and knowledge management between O.R. staff. Its head-ups display dedicated to surgeons supports clinical decisions by augmenting visual dashboards through patient and device data integration. Its range of smart buttons allows to program scenarios (e.g., automatically notifying O.R. manager when room is ready for cleaning) that save precious minutes.

About caresyntax® by S·CAPE®

We are a hyper-growth global venture-backed company focused on disruptive data-driven innovation in surgical services. Our ambition is to help form a new Smart Surgery ecosystem, driven by automation, predictive AI algorithms, and augmented visualization. Our perioperative solutions, branded caresyntax®, reduce unproductive time and deliver better care in hospitals in over 10 million procedures a year. caresyntax® enhances concepts of integrated operating room medical devices and workflows by applying a unique vendor-neutral Internet of Medical Things (IoT) approach to the entire horizontal peri-procedural workflow. We have set new standards in 78 countries and in more than 6,000 digital operating theatres. We are headquartered in Berlin with regional offices in France, the UK, Singapore, Lebanon, Turkey and the USA.