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Automation and AI for the Operating Room

Harness the power of data-driven integration

By capturing the full-spectrum of surgical data from inside the OR, our data-driven integration provides the total visibility to achieve increased workflow efficiency, patient safety, and surgical performance.

CX-PRIME is a vendor-neutral OR integration platform, that collects surgical data from disparate sources, and centralizes it over a single IP network infrastructure.
It is a flexible, highly efficient, integration platform that promotes a unified network of data and devices, which benefit key stakeholders hospital-wide.

A unified, end-to-end OR connectivity and automation platform.

CX-PRIME is designed to support the full perioperative workflow, from the induction of anesthesia to post-operative care, customizable by hospital, region, and language.

Imagine the power of a globally connected OR, streaming surgical video and data throughout the hospital. CX-PRIME connects the OR in real-time to hospital administration, teaching auditoriums, PACU/ICU, and more.

Flexible, modular, and vendor-neutral
to fit any OR.

A vendor-neutral solution

A vendor-neutral solution

As a truly vendor-neutral platform, CX-PRIME can integrate a full-range of surgical devices an systems, regardless of the manufacturer. As ORs are reconfigured or acquire new devices, having a flexible integration platform that can connect with existing and new technologies prevents headaches down the road.

Scalable deployment

Scalable deployment

The demands of a hospital vary greatly from large, multi-campus healthcare systems to small outpatient clinics- CX-PRIME’s modular applications allow OR integration to be deployed at scale as determined by each clinic’s unique needs and specifications.

User-Friendly and Intuitive Onboarding

User-Friendly and Intuitive Onboarding

Surgery is already a tough job. CX-PRIME simplifies it with a user-friendly app-based interface and ergonomic functionality, to make caregivers lives easier. With CX-PRIME, onboard your surgical team quickly and conveniently.

D-1 Multiconsole
D-2 Multiconsole
Hybrid OR

deployment options

CX-PRIME hardware options deploy into your OR with zero-footprint and minimal cabling. Our hardware is installed apart from the clinical floor space, and can be retrofitted to an existing OR architecture with minimal downtime. We offer the following deployment options:

  • custom-built in or on-wall console
  • telemedicine-enabled mobile unit
  • enterprise-level hardware rack
  • Full HD medical panel PC

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