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Surgical Coaching and Training Support

Educate and improve with data-driven training and deep, procedural insights

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IoT-sourced, surgeon-driven coaching and training

Take the guess work out of surgical training, and leverage surgical data resources to enhance training with recreated surgical episodes. Review surgical application and establish best practices in your hospital.

With caresyntax surgical training support powered by the CX-ADVANCE surgical data warehouse, enable your surgical teams with a smarter, data-driven training platform. Compact, easily-integrated and affordable, built to fit the specifications of your OR.

Enhance training with rich surgical data

View multi-format surgical documentation, including full-length video and audio. Annotate recorded content to denote key surgical activities or highlight areas of needed improvement.

Evaluate trainee performance via customizable assessment tools (OSATS, NOTSS, etc). Quickly generate surgical reports based on video-markers, performance assessment tools, and surgical stats.

Conduct data-based assessment of surgical performance

View and standardize surgical performance metrics and post-operative reporting. Conduct multi-scalar analysis of surgical performance and patient risk.

Leverage this data to make evidence-based assessments on surgical performance and patient risk.

Integrated training support, made easy and affordable

Quick and intuitive ‘plug-and-play’ deployment on caresyntax hardware, or on existing hardware systems.

Caresyntax deployment options allow the surgeon to integrate and record up to four video streams simultaneously, enhancing review with multiple perspectives. Audio sources can also be integrated and recorded.

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