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Device Intelligence

Data-driven insights and utilization support for medical device vendors

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IoT & Utilization Analytics for Medical Devices

We know what it is like to be a medical device vendor in a changing healthcare landscape: from the pressure of showing superior outcomes in the value-based care ecosystem, to digitizing your product offering while managing costs.

Device Intelligence powered by qvident® helps vendors educate clinical users on product specifications, best practices and optimal usage, enhancing product performance and boosting market value. Digitize clinical workflows around your medical device, and collect data on product utilization and life cycle.

Optimize training and usage of your device

Optimal usage is the key to superior outcomes. Improving both usage and overall adoption of your device can help to demonstrate value and generate new opportunities. Device Intelligence powered by qvident® is an effective tool to help you accomplish both.

Device Intelligence works in conjunction with caresyntax PRIME365 (or your own OR integration platform) to embed the surgical workflow with customized checklists and step by step procedures for device usage. qvident® provides a complete picture of how each surgeon used your device, procedure after procedure, to keep continuously improve usage through data-based feedback.

Digitize the surgical workflow around your device

You are a proven medical device manufacturer with decades of experience building robust hardware compliant with the most stringent regulation. We are software experts who can unlock new digital opportunities for your devices.

Consult with caresyntax professional services to learn how you can benefit from digitized devices: from IoT connectivity, to cloud-based data storage, and automated firmware deployments. Build digital processes around your device to drive performance enhancements and superior outcomes.

Gain superior visibility and return on your device

Through our Internet of Medical Things platform and hospital IT interfacing expertise, we collect data about your device: from utilization rates and life cycle, to patient outcomes.

With Device Intelligence we provide you and your clients with an intuitive analytics dashboard to communicate how your medical devices are being used: to what extent and to what outcome. Establish a strong track record for procurement, and setup preventive maintenance workflows through usage logs.

Device Intelligence can also be used in support of clinical trials, by collecting and structuring the outcomes data that forms the clinical evidence backbone required to launch new products.

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