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A highly scalable backend for developers of healthcare and surgical applications

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Build innovation,
not infrastructure

caresyntax BaaS is a complete backend offering the web services and support for user authentication, file storage, data persistence, and customized functions. Increased flexibility, scalability and reliability, on top of unparalleled surgical data.

Unparalleled access to
multi-format surgical data

Gain access to a wealth of multi-format clinical data, made possible by caresyntax IoT connectivity and HL7/DICOM gateways.

Develop your application using unstructured and data sources, including, but not limited to: EMR, PACS, surgical video and audio, timestamps, checklists, device data, and patient vitals.

Power development and build on existing use case frameworks

Build your healthcare application with ease using predefined app frameworks. With fully-serviced cloud or on-premise deployment, focus on the development of your application, and take advantage of caresyntax proprietary application frameworks to help shape your own use case, or craft your own with the help of caresyntax data and services.

Why caresyntax BaaS?

caresyntax BaaS offers a broad-range of web services to support your application, from ideation, to implementation. Our API services range from raw data access, to aggregated results with business, data, and infrastructure services.

Usable and Flexible

Usable and Flexible
  • API follows HATEOAS principles supporting human-readability and easy machine integration
  • Designed with front-end in mind: a resource-oriented design for use in conjunction with other web applications.


  • Fully-encrypted web services based on HTTPS protocol
  • RESTful web services with versioning and managed updates. API can evolve without breaking backward compatibility
  • Advanced licensing options and user-level access to data


  • Interfaces with 3rd party hospital systems. Provides adaption and mitigation strategies to realize interconnectivity (HL7, DICOM)
  • Tight integration to data collected by caresyntax PRIME365 IoT modules and qvident® data warehouse
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