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Take control of your surgical data

Hospitals around the world are faced with the challenge of collecting and managing surgical data in a secure, compliant way, and leveraging data to improve quality and safety in the OR.

CX-ADVANCE is a web-based surgical data work-space designed to help your hospital accomplish both objectives. CX-ADVANCE provides the secure architecture and flexibility for managing, reviewing, and leveraging recorded surgical content.User-friendly and vendor-neutral, CX-ADVANCE can be installed in conjunction with your OR integration solution to drive value through increased efficiency, quality, and safety across the surgical care continuum.

Surgical Content Management

Improve surgical quality and performance with the world’s first, all-in-one surgical content management system, accessible from any device.

• Stay on top of OR performance with a daily dashboard overview – customizable by surgeon or department – and quantified case indicators, for quick access to case reports and documentation.
• View previous and upcoming cases in a customizable, dashboard view.
• Track performance with daily insights with user-customizable key performance indicators, tracking surgical quality, safety and efficiency.
• Review, annotate, and share surgical content with peers and collaborators.

Surgical Reporting

Save time and reduce administrative burden by integrating core procedural data and streamlining study report generation.

• Automate the generation and export of surgical documentation in multiple formats
• Enhance surgical reporting with greater perspective, including snapshots, time markers, and clinical scoring, providing a “total” patient context within the report.
• Never miss a moment with step by step events log included the report

Event Reporting

Improve patient safety and quality by enabling clinicians to proactively submit incidents, near misses and other events within a few seconds.

• Log events consistently and accurately, establishing a standardized and validated surgery-specific classification of all-cause harm events.
• Save time with minimum data input entry points
• Enable rapid identification of surgical improvement opportunities in a safe and collaborative environment under the legal protection of CX-PSO

Training and Coaching

Educate and improve your surgical teams with data-driven training and effective surgical performance feedback.

• View multi-format surgical documentation, including full-length video and surgical event logs.
• Annotate recorded content to denote key surgical activities or highlight areas of needed improvement.
• Evaluate trainee performance via standardized evaluation tools (OSATS, NOTSS, etc)
• Leverage this data to make evidence-based assessments on surgical performance and patient risk.

CX-ADVANCE key features:

  • Fully vendor-neutral: CX-ADVANCE can retrieve documentation (e.g., surgical video and images) from any OR integration system built by any manufacturer, including major endoscopy companies
  • Interoperability: CX-ADVANCE can connect to and transfer data across any hospital information system or EMR through HL7 and DICOM standards
  • Create best-practices and benchmarks by aggregating and analyzing procedure and surgical documentation (procedural events, reports, videos, images, and checklists)
  • Time-savings: automatic background export from caresyntax CX-PRIME to CX-ADVANCE allows immediate post-op availability of all procedural data
  • Secure: all network communications between users and CX-ADVANCE are encrypted
  • Audit Trail: provides granular, configurable log mechanism for business and technical purposes
  • Automated reports and analytics with KPI’s, performance scores, and risk metrics, assessing risks of complications to tailor treatment for optimal outcomes
  • A highly scalable backend for developers of healthcare and surgical applications.
  • Automatic combination of full video recording from clinical video source and room camera enabling a holistic review of the event in combination with key procedure data (e.g. videos, procedural events, checklists) which can be also bookmarked/time stamped with markers and your comments/feedbacks. Assessment of surgical skills is later possible using different frameworks
  • Commenting and editing features directly on video with pre-defined clinical markers to enrich content and identify key moments
  • Creation of pre-populated reporting that can be filled out by surgeons with additional relevant information
  • Responsive design allows access from any smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Intermediate or long-term archiving capabilities with customized life-cycle management of documentation (automated downscaling, file deletion, etc.)
  • Authentication: CX-ADVANCE integrates with user directories for centralized, controlled authentication and authorization (LDAP, Active Directory, or internal database). User permissions can be assigned on individual or department level
  • Event reporting
  • Data-driven insights and utilization support for medical device vendors.

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