Benefit from advanced telemedicine solutions with CX·SHARE

Improve collaboration with remote communication.


Medical telecommunication solutions for scalable deployment inside and outside of the hospital

CX·SHARE embraces the communication needs of modern, globalised healthcare and presents a range of specialized conference and telehealth solutions for any institution. Live streaming and the ability to share other clinical content confer substantial educational and surgical benefits.



  • Consultation
    Two-way video and audio connection allows colleagues to pool their expertise and advise the attending surgeon in real-time
  • Educate first hand
    Medical students can be educated through a procedure in real time
  • Wider, timely access to healthcare
    Extend expert care to remote and inaccessible locations, instantly

Expand your reach with medical telecommunication solutions.

Live streaming

CX·SHARE can transmit real-time clinical video one-way from the O.R. to a remote facility for educational purposes.


CX·SHARE also supports two-way communication with any remote location for telemedicine and collaboration needs.

Device neutral

CX·SHARE is completely device-neutral. It allows connection to the O.R. via laptop or mobile devices.

Fixed or mobile

Flexible deployment option allow to choose the right solution: fixed in the procedure room or ambulatory if telemedecine needs are scattered across the hospital.

Platform flexibility

Module can be built with software, hardware or mixed solutions to fulfill diverse customer requirements.

Share clinical knowledge and increase patient care with CX·SHARE.

  • Connector.


    Get a second opinion during a procedure and ultimately improve patient outcome and surgical care. Extend care to remote or rural locations, providing more timely access to healthcare.

  • Connector.


    Share medical procedures with colleagues or medical students through live streaming of the procedure.

  • Connector.


    Use O.R. status dashboard to coordinate the flow of patients between intensive care unit and procedure rooms.