Improve technical fault management with CX·GUARD

Automate process to reduce system errors.

Maximize O.R. uptime through automated monitoring

Remote status check

System checks can be performed remotely to prevent down-time.

Rapid system diagnosis

Real-time monitoring allows for simultaneous detection of any fault in the system and advanced planning of service and maintenance.

Central log collection

CX·GUARD collects, analyses and stores log data from integrated systems providing administrators with extended level of detail.


Access insights on all connected medical devices through a centralized view on CX·GUARD for quick problem detection in an uncluttered visual interface.


Programmable trigger events enable support staff to get instant alerts in form of email, SMS or voice messages.

Maximum O.R. uptime thanks to CX·GUARD

Automated monitoring of medical devices and Health IT enables quick response in case of faults.

Seamless digital workflow in and around procedure rooms is driven by functioning medical and IT equipment.
Conventional integration platforms still rely on reactive and manual fault management, which does not prevent downtime.