Document procedures easily with CX·STUDIO

Document procedures by capturing clinical images and videos.
Complement documentation with audio notes or markers.
Ensure patient safety by filling out procedure checklists.

Capture each moment of the procedure

All imaging sources

CX·STUDIO records all types of imaging sources, legacy or state-of-art, without compatibility concerns.

Multiple channels

Simultaneously capture clinical images and videos from up to two separate channels.

Safety checklist

Digitally fill out checklists on the CX·STUDIO interface to ensure improved patient safety and procedure compliance.

Remote triggers

Trigger documentation from peripheral devices, e.g footswitch, scope buttons, in addition to software controls.

Audio notes

Enhance documentation with voice recording during the procedure and add time markers after the procedure.

Customize procedure recording with CX·STUDIO

Capture complete procedure

Capture complete procedures easily. Set markers for important episodes during the procedure and jump to the markers while reviewing.

Capture important moments

Capture important moments on demand with physical triggers.

Enhance your documentation with advanced features

Pre-event recording

Never miss a key moment with the pre-event recording feature available on CX·STUDIO. It allows the surgeon to go back in time to capture an episode that recently passed. It automatically records up to ten minutes of video before the O.R. team even manually starts the recording. Watch episodes such as adverse events that were not actively recorded.

Patient privacy

Documentation is protected via authorized access settings that require user authentication on CX·STUDIO. Create user-specific access rights to prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing and exporting case documentation.
Patient information, images and videos are stored in compliance with the current healthcare privacy regulations. The raw clinical data, patient context and belonging media information are parsed into separate storage silos using encrypted filesystems to increase protection of patient confidentiality.