Integrate imaging devices to visualize the procedure with CX·DIRECT

Raise focus on patient by managing real-time clinical video and images at the point of care


Managing visualization of real-time clinical content at the point of care to assist workflow.
CX·DIRECT allows centralized intraoperative routing of HD,4K and 3D medical video signals with zero latency. Intuitive user interface allows quick switching of live videos to maintain surgeon`s focus on the patient, not on buttons and controls of medical devices. Any medical device can be connected to PRIME365 using a universal plug.


  • central distribution of images and videos to displays in O.R.
  • supports variable image transmissions, from conventional to high-end qualities such as Video-over-IP
  • centrally control medical devices such as surgical camera, room camera, endoscope
  • display of medical imaging data across various display sizes & technologies
  • recorded content can be automatically synchronized with caresyntax intermediate archive, CX·STUDIO, allowing for smart documentation of the data.

Routing operating roomRouting surgical light camera on two screens

Single-Plug Connection

Universal Port allows seamless connection of all portable and fixed equipment in the O.R. with a single universal connection.

  • Eliminates the confusion between different signal types and ports for each device
  • More patient focus, less distraction on connecting devices
  • Devices are detected in less than 5  seconds after being plugged in

Visualize procedure in real-time with our end-to-end solutions

Zero footprint

Our connectivity component rack can be deployed in various locations. It will adjust to your existing infrastructure if needed with in-wall build-ups. It can fit the existing cabling infrastructure or a brand-new one will be installed.

Vendor neutral

CX·DIRECT is fully vendor-neutral and can connect to any 3rd party medical device. It complies with the full spectrum of video types and resolutions, and possesses a control interface library.


A universal plug connects all portable and fixed equipment with a single universal connection. This eliminates the confusion between different signal types and ports. Devices are discovered automatically when connected, then labelled. Actions can be steered either through clicking the interface or directly on screen.

Up to 4K resolution

CX·DIRECT supports transmission of video signals from the lowest analog resolution through full HD up to 4K monitors including 3D so you leverage the full depth of your imaging systems.

CX·DIRECT will adjust to your existing and future needs

  • Connector.

    Set up flexibly your O.R. infrastructure

    The solution can adapt to number and type of inputs / outputs. It fits the full spectrum of rooms ranging from procedure through minimally-invasive to hybrid rooms.

  • Connector.

    Future-proof solutions ensure compatibility with latest technological advances

    CX·DIRECT offers video composition capabilities such as Picture-in-Picture, Picture-on-Picture and multi-view. Solutions are scalable so capabilities can be increased gradually along with requirements. They adapt to technology changes and are future-proof.

  • Connector.

    Display clinical video at the point-of-care ergonomically

    The solution can distribute audio, video, data, and controls on single backbone.



Every connected imaging source or medical device can be seen and chosen from the interface.

  • All sources are shown in a simplified view
  • Fast switching between sources
  • Increases connectivity of medical devices in the O.R. by advanced integration

Display any source on any target display, maximize information flow and utilize every relevant source in the O.R.

  • All targets are shown in a simplified view
  • Helps surgical teams to get information where and when it is needed
  • Display of relevant information on the right target enables a more comfortable and safe environment for the surgical teams