CX·LINK interfaces with your hospital systems

We create a user-friendly hub into the hospital I.T. network, simplifying cross-team interaction and data processing of patient files throughout the entire hospital.


  • retrieve/store patient worklists, checklists and information within the HIS(Hospital Information System)
  • access and manage DICOM/non-DICOM files in the PACS before, during or after a procedure
  • retrieve worklists and O.R. schedules for optimized time management

CX·LINK connects to all hospital systems to retrieve data directly

HIS/EMR Integration

  • Retrieve patient information
  • Retrieve patient scheduling
  • Store images, videos and documents

Interface: HL7

PACS/VNA Integration

  • Retrieve patient scheduling
  • Update status information
  • Store images and videos

Interface: DICOM

Scheduling Integration

  • View radiological image files in the perioperative cycle
  • Retrieve patient scheduling

Interface: HL7

CX·LINK creates a data hub with all the information you need.


Seamlessly connects to the hospital IT-infrastructure to transmit and receive clinical data and patient files within the hospital.


Provides access to crucial documents such as patient files and clinical reports to clinical staff throughout the hospital.


Allows to plan or schedule operations, retrieve worklist or O.R. schedule . Automatically sends MPPS status.


Stores information from various sources (safety checklists, DICOM images, worklist).

CX·LINK automates processes to save time and reduce human faults.

  • Connector.

    CX·LINK reduces errors from manual input of patient data.

  • Connector.

    Automatic retrieval of patient context saves time on administrative tasks.

  • Connector.

    You can execute final surgery planning by accessing full patient data or images via EMR/PACS interface before each procedure.

  • Connector.

    CX LINK improves cross-departmental collaboration by syncing the data between the procedure rooms and hospital-wide information systems.