Access documentation on the go with CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE

Centralize, edit and enhance procedure documentation from any mobile or desktop device.
Unify your local documentation products by aggregating and editing recorded clinical media
from 3rd party solutions on a single vendor-neutral user platform.

Access documentation anytime, anywhere.

No installation

No need to install software or applications on your device. Simply open your web browser to access the CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE server-based platform.

Mobile-first design

CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE is designed for the smallest screen (4”) and automatically works its way up to fit bigger screens.

Private and secure

All documentation is securely stored on a dedicated server with the highest level of protection and access logging.


Export through a gateway to multiple platforms: Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).


Share the procedure with colleagues for learning, collaborating and teaching purposes.

Discover how CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE can help you streamline your O.R. workflows.

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    Optimize interface costs

    All data from local documentation products are aggregated by CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE significantly reducing individual connection port costs.

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    Decrease storage expenditures

    Select key episodes and edit bulky files to export only events that matter.

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    Reduce turn-around time

    Post-documentation is accessible on the go from any device, anytime. Surgeons review documentation anywhere it suits them.

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    Review and share procedure documentation

    CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE enables advanced editing and enhancing of procedure data by:

    • Adding comments and tags to cases, images and videos
    • Adding time markers to key episodes
    • Cutting and merging videos
    • Taking snapshots from video recordings
    • Reviewing and filling out safety checklists


CX·STUDIO ECLIPSE is a web-based documentation platform. It is designed to enhance mobility of surgical teams and hospital crew by providing secure access to clinical content, such as videos, images and checklists, anytime and anywhere inside the hospital.

ECLIPSE is accessible by personal devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers, basically from any device that is connected to the hospital’s network.