Discover PRIME365 

PRIME365 is a modular perioperative workflow software for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) and healthcare institutions. 

It consists of eight compatible modules.
Each module covers a specific need at the point of care.

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We offer multiple deployment options

Our deployment options are flexible and adjust to your specific needs.

1467990664_arrow-up-01MULTICONSOLE D1

In / on-wall medical console with a single display

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1467990664_arrow-up-01MULTICONSOLE D2

In / on-wall medical console with two displays.

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1467990664_arrow-up-01MULTICONSOLE D1-G

In / on-wall medical console with a glass front and a single display.

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1467990664_arrow-up-01MULTICONSOLE D2-G

In / on-wall medical console with a glass front and two displays

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All-in-one medical PC with 22″ or 24″ touch screen

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All-in-one medical PC on a cart or on a wall arm

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1467990664_arrow-up-01External Display

External display with touch screen attached to a pendant.

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Mobile medical cart with two displays

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Digital Workflow Automation

Seamlessly connect to the hospital IT-infrastructure to transmit and receive clinical data and patient files within the hospital

Seamless connection and digital workflow automation. Provides cross-departmental interaction and data processing

Hospital Information System (HIS)
  • retrieve patient worklist
  • retrieve patient information
  • store checklists
  • HL7(ORM/SIU/MDM messages)
  • query DICOM worklist
  • save DICOM images
  • send ;PPS status
  • view radilogical image files in the perioperative cycle
  • retrieve worklist
  • retrieve O.R. schedule
  • HL7 (ORM/SIU messages)
3rd Party Software Integration

Integrate your 3rd party software to remove the extra steps required repeatedly by each different application.(PACS/DICOM viewer, HIS and navigation systems)

Remove redundant steps to gain fast access to clinical data from 3rd party software


Fault Management

Maximum O.R. uptime through automated monitoring

Fault Management solution provides real-time monitoring of you medical devices and Health-IT. You can keep a close track on the status of the procedure rooms and medical devices. This enables you detect malfunctions without losing any time, thus giving you maximum O.R. uptime

Real-time Monitoring

Communicates intelligently with the network of integrated devices to ensure their continuous functional status and uptime

Log Collection

Collects, analyses and stores log data from integrated systems and provides users with extended levels of details


Gain quick and visual insight into the health of all connected medical devices and health IT through a centralized view from anywhere in the hospital


Based on programmable trigger events, support staff can get instant alerts via email, SMS or phone.


Collecting and analyzing new data to optimize clinical nad ancillary proceses in and around the O.R.

Enables you to report the performance of the operating rooms in your hospital, helping you to keep a better track on the O.R. process optimization.
You can create reports on durations and delays of procedures and room turnaround times for each O.R..

Revolutionary single plug connection


Operational Reports

Easy to access standard reports provide you with daily and weekly updates on the performances of the perioperative departments

Graphical Dashboards

Dashboard style visualization helps clinicians and administrators to quickly identify areas of improvement

Business Intelligence

Enables managers to understand trends, e.g. capacity utilization by acquiring and calculating key performance indicators (kpi) for the surgical encounters

Quality Reporting

Collect periprocedural data and generate quality inputs for management reports for regulatory bodies and compliance with Joint Commission measures (e.g. JCI, SCIP, PQRI, meaningful use).