Deployment scenarios with zero-footprint philosophy

PRIME365 platform integrates the entire workflow without impacting the existing infrastructure footprint.

The hardware is installed out of the working area in an in / on-wall console or even out of the procedure room with equipment rack.

Pendants can also be used for hosting critical medical equipment.

Scenario 1: Console deployment inside the O.R.

Inside the O.R., we can deploy an in / on-wall console custom-built with a minimum depth of 120 mm.
It hosts all necessary IT and video components to integrate any medical device and IT system.

Key benefits
  • Decentralized architecture with no single point of failure in the O.R.
  • No need for additional technical space outside the O.R.
  • Ultra-rapid installation cycle
  • Low deployment costs thanks to limited cabling and labor requirements
  • No signal degradation
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Scenario 2: Rack deployment outside the O.R.

High-grade equipment rack with flexible transmission configuration.
It features optimal cooling and airflow design.
It is installed outside the operating and procedure room.

Key benefits
  • Zero footprint deployment for high-end specialized configurations in cath labs and hybrid O.R.s
  • Easy service access for technicians
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Scenario 3: Mobile deployment inside the O.R.

High-grade mobile cart with flexible transmission configuration.
It perfectly suits telemedicine needs.
It can upgrade O.R. capabilities on-demand, by connecting to other existing S·CAPE® products or caresyntax® solutions as well as medical devices.

Key benefits
  • Ability to amortize and optimize use of expensive telemedicine infrastructure across multiple operating rooms
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