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Our scope

caresyntax® inc, based in the healthcare hub of Boston, United States, is a provider of software-based perioperative workflow solutions for hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers. caresyntax® leverages experience in over 1,600 hospitals around the world to reduce O.R. downtime and save time allowing clinical staff to focus on their core work, thus improving patient outcome. Its core functionalities are available through its proprietary platform, PRIME365:
a. Real-time visualization of imaging and other medical device, EMR and other data via interactive augmented “head-up” surgical dashboards
b. Effortless documentation and knowledge management of enriched surgical content with on premise or secure health cloud storage
c. Automation of previously manual steps of intraoperative workflow via unique Internet of Medical Things platform that connects any software, medical devices, smart buttons, and sensors
d. Telemedicine connecting operating physicians with remote specialists to provide consultations or coordinate care
e. Analytics to drive insights and monitor entire O.R. equipment by structuring unparalleled combinations of data points from medical devices, sensors, and clinical outcomes

Our vision

Over 80% of crucial clinical and operational data in surgery exist outside the structured EHR / EMR realm, produced by medical devices, people, sensors and checklists. Today this data is largely uncaptured, unstructured and unutilized.
Yet its value is immense: by combining these procedural workflow data with clinical outcomes, healthcare providers can unlock crucial insights that can allow to fundamentally change the way surgery is done. The impact can range from reducing variability of workflow by intelligently predicting schedule patterns to improving real-time clinical decisions by utilizing artificial intelligence guidance.
Our ambition is to help form a new Smart Surgery ecosystem, driven by automation, predictive algorithms, and augmented visualization.
Today our footprint allows us to help optimize workflow in over 10 million surgical procedures a year. Our deployed technology combined with our vendor-neutral philosophy gives us unparalleled ability to be in the middle of a unique combination of data streams that can be harnessed to unlock the vision of making surgery more efficient and safe.

Our network

caresyntax® inc. is an affiliate of a global operating room integration specialist, S-CAPE GmbH, based in Berlin, Germany with regional hubs in Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. For the last 25 years, S-CAPE has been the front-runner in vendor-neutral medical device integration with experience of integrating hundreds of medical devices of various make or brand, and footprint in over 5,600 operating rooms around the world. Together with tightly coupled S-CAPE’s proprietary hardware and integration services, caresyntax® workflow solutions provide a high degree of flexibility and adaptability for every care setting.
caresyntax® solutions are built and deployed in collaboration with many of the leading vendors in surgical medical device, healthcare IT, and hospital infrastructure fields. Our credibility and deployment success is enhanced by close and continuous contact to leading brands, providers, and opinion leaders in the United States and in Europe.

Please inquire with us to see how we improve workflows of renowned hospitals, in collaboration with your preferred vendors.

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